“Monster Sex Fiend (In 3-D)” Censored Once More

Steve Stones’ “Monster Sex Fiend (In 3-D)” has been censored twice in the Ogden area.

Those of you who’ve been following Steve Stones’ art for the past few months know that his work entitled “Monster Sex Fiend (in 3-D)” was censored at the North Ogden Arts Festival last August; however, despite its notoriety, the artwork sold a few weeks later. Stones repainted a variation of “Monster Sex Fiend (in 3-D)” of a larger scale and hung it on display at the Carnival of Chaos haunted house located on Riverdale Road.

Stones stated that he felt the piece was in line with a theme of the spook alley, which is “The Seven Deadly Sins.” However, Stones was surprised when he received a phone call requesting that he retrieve “Monster Sex Fiend (in 3-D)” after complaints were lodged due to the word “Sex.”
Management members overseeing Carnival of Chaos didn’t want to give the overall impression that the haunted house was advocating sex; therefore, “Monster Sex Fiend (in 3-D)” was immediately removed from the wall.

Remember folks, while enjoying your experience at the Carnival of Chaos, please keep in mind that even though you may see simulated murders and other psychotic anti-social behaviors, paired with  concepts of greed, wrath, sloth, pride, envy, lust and gluttony, that Carnival of Chaos does not advocate sex.


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