CANDY! What will you be giving to the spooks this year?

There’s no doubt about it, little trick-or-treaters are adorable! If you have children, you’ll likely enjoy the annual evening parade with them.  If not, you may find yourself hiding from the neighborhood kids,  going to a party, or answering the door!

But what happened to scary? Thanks to the glamorization of mainstream Hollywood, Halloween is becoming less about candy, and more about eye candy. Ladies may feel dismayed while faced with the task of finding a suitable costume. Many of the costume selections seem rather inappropriate to be wearing while answering the door, let alone while passing out candy to little kids.  One thing that can be said about Halloween, it’s the one holiday that grandma can dress up like a Bond babe and get away with it due to the scare factor.

Aside from eye candy, what kind of candy will you be giving out this Halloween?


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