The Bountiful Davis Art Center’s Holiday Exhibit to Show One Art Piece Less

Steve Stones "Santa's Naughty Book."

Steve Stones "Santa's Naughty Book."

Late on the afternoon of November 14, Steve Stones received a phone call from a representative at the Bountiful Davis Art Center with the request to retrieve his art piece entitled Santa’s Naughty Book. When Stones asked her why his work was censored, the representative claimed the Bountiful Davis Art Center’s Board of Trustees held a vote and didn’t approve of the piece because children would get the wrong impression of the fictional character known as Santa Claus. She also stated that Bountiful is a conservative community, and the art center was seeking traditional works to display in the show.

We wouldn’t want a conservative community’s ability deliver the lie of Santa Claus to be tarnished with any inaccurate interpretations of who Santa Claus is to the children, much less go against tradition. Additionally, let’s not mention to the Board of Trustees that Stones’ remaining piece Locust Gift Giver, which will be displayed through the entire show, isn’t traditional.
If the Board of Trustees develops suspicions that Locust Gift Giver isn’t within the traditional realm, fans need to just say to them, “Obviously, grasshoppers love to dress up like Santa Claus and hop into homes, leaving gifts for everyone to enjoy!” Then insist, “It’s tradition!”

Steve Stones "Locust Gift Giver."

Steve Stones "Locust Gift Giver."

This isn’t the first time Stones has been censored at the Bountiful Davis Art Center; for example, in 2002 when Stones held a solo exhibit, the Board of Trustees refused to hang Pussy Crunch Cereal among the rest of his show, citing a lack of wall space.

Steve Stones' painting, "Pussy Crunch Cereal" was removed from his 2002 solo art exhibit at the Bountiful Davis Art Center. The art center claimed there wasn't enough room to hang the piece among the rest of Stones' collection of works.


For additional reading, please read The Political Surf blog of Steve Stones’ co-blogger on Plan9Crunch, Doug Gibson.


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