Inspiration Behind Santa’s Naughty Book Revealed!

Al Jones wanted to know where the inspiration to create Santa’s Naughty Book, which has been censored from the Bountiful Davis Art Center’s 2011 Holiday Exhibit, came from.

Steve Stones "Santa's Naughty Book."

Steve Stones "Santa's Naughty Book."

Steve Stones reveals that the original idea came straight from his home! Stones’ mother was throwing away some Christmas decorations, and rather than seeing the items wasted, Stones kept them for later use.
When the time came for Stones to put his resources together and create more holiday related paintings, Stones wanted to change the traditional image of Santa. Stones then visualized what type of a “Naughty Book” might be a little more realistic and fun; thus, Santa’s Naughty Book was produced.
If Santa’s  reputation was that of a typical pervert with a list of naughty women from all over the globe, parents everywhere would certainly rethink the tradition of leaving  cookies and milk out before bedtime, favoring condoms and KY jelly in exchange for toys instead.


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