“Fascist Crunch Cereal” Recreated

Fascist, swashtika, crunch, cereal

Steve Stones’ original artwork “Fascist Crunch Cereal” as it had appeared on the wall at Mojos Cafe, before being defaced.

In mid-April, Steve Stones discovered that his art piece “Fascist Crunch Cereal” was vandalized at it’s usual place of display, Mojos.

Friends of Steve Stones will recall that earlier this year, his artwork entitled Fascist Crunch Cereal was unfortunately defaced.   In mid-April, Stones discovered that his art piece had been vandalized with a sharpie marker, with the words “This (is) is NOT okay” written on the artwork while it was hanging at it’s usual place of display, Mojos Cafe. Obviously, Stones is very upset about his artwork being vandalized, and he suspects that the Mojos patron who damaged the piece missed the message behind it.

Fascist Crunch Cereal is meant to convey the foolishness of human ignorance. Granted, the Holocaust was a very serious display of how incredibly inhumane mankind can be when authority isn’t questioned, and discrimination is allowed to run rampant. None of Steve’s artworks promote such things.

“Fascist Crunch Cereal # III” is created at a smaller scale, but delivers the same message as the original art work.

Although the original piece isn’t salvageable, we’re fortunate that Stones was able to recreate the Fascist Crunch Cereal on a smaller scale. Stones states, “this can’t discourage me from making it again.”

Art is a very subjective matter, and each individual has his or her own way of perceiving the content of any artwork. We hope to have cleared up some misconceptions one may have regarding the concepts behind Fascist Crunch Cereal, and will continue to look forward to the works Stones will create in the future, as well as enjoy his artworks which we already know and have come to love.


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