About Steve Stones

Steve Stones is an artist from Ogden, Utah. Stones derives inspiration to do his artwork from various resources, including Leonardo DaVinci, Grant Woods, Christopher Cooper, Serrano, Dali, Peter Paul Reubens, Andy Worhol, and many other famous artists.

If you’ve paid much attention to the local art scene, chances are you’ve heard about Steve Stones.  A native to Ogden, Stones can’t think of a time when he didn’t want to be an artist. Observations of his works reveal Stones’ fascination with insects, science fiction, Star Wars, and horror films. The inspiration to create his work derives from a range of sources which include a diversity of movies, comics, art, and advertising; for example, his Crunch series was inspired by the bold outlining and graphic quality of Cap’n Crunch, a fictitious character which has been used over decades to sell breakfast cereal. “The very idea anyone can consume imaginary treasure,” Stones states, “is ridiculous, yet entertaining.”

Stones has won several awards for his works and has shown in numerous galleries across the United States; however, we’re lucky to have a few of his Crunch pieces displayed at Mojos Caffe and Gallery. Friend and business owner Ron Atencio states, “I am a huge fan of Steve Stones art, you must know. It hangs here and has since day one because of that. I have worked with him for seven years.”

What sets Stones’ artwork apart is that he’s willing to take risks when creating it by using a variety of different subjects, a non-restrictive color palate, and obnoxiously bold and bright color schemes. The results are pleasantly light-hearted and satirical. The message Stones likes to convey is that “the world is full of visual propaganda images that mess with your mind and have nothing to do with the products being sold. Who could imagine KFC without Colonel Sanders, Cap’n Crunch Cereal without the Captain, or McDonald’s without Ronald?”

Although his art is playfully saturated with parody, Stones is very serious about what he creates and loves the world of art. Stones has been teaching as an adjunct instructor at Weber State University for over a decade and loves the opportunity to encourage the creative growth of his students. Alyse Wall, one of Stones’ former students states, “Professor Stones told me it was okay to produce art others hate or don’t understand.” She continues, “Sometimes I held back from producing art derived from what I really thought about. I did this to avoid criticism. I’m okay with making a collage about zombie cats taking over the planet after being a student of Professor Stones. He’s a good professor because he’s a mentor and a friend as well.”

Among his favorite artists are Vincent Van Gogh and Peter Paul Rubens.  Stones says his  painting entitled Rape of the Two Bettys was inspired by the complexity and implied movement of Rubens’ 17th century painting Rape of the Daughters of Leucippus and adds “what better way to make a masterful painting than to recreate a masterful work?”

In his spare time when he isn’t creating art, Stones enjoys reading books and watching low budget science fiction and horror films. Stones also writes for Plan 9 Crunch, a blog dedicated to cult classics, with friend and fellow movie connoisseur Doug Gibson.

Gibson states, “Steve captures the culture and the kitsch of a world that can communicate at any borders. He brings the perspective that Warhol pioneered into the new century. His command of diverse arts enables him to create original ideas from distinct cultural sources.”

Grounds for Coffee owner  Suzy Daily states, “I love Steve’s work. It’s the combination of his political views and his creative mind working together that makes it so interesting. You have to really think about it sometimes, most times really. Art doesn’t often ask that of you. I think he is vital to the Ogden community because he asks us to look at art in a way that other local artist don’t.” Daily also adds, “It’s always striking, always intelligent.”

Fellow fans of Steve Stones’ artwork couldn’t agree more.



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  1. […] you’ve paid much attention to the local art scene, chances are you’ve heard about Steve Stones.  A native to Ogden, Stones can’t think of a time when he didn’twant to be an artist. […]

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